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Artificial Boxwood Panels,Hedges, Expandable Trellis, Plants & Artificial Lawn.

Jazmin Boxwood

Boxwood Low End

Planter 4x4x1 Ft.

Boxwood Low End

Yellow Mirtle

Boxwood Mid End

Planter 4x6x1 Ft.

Green Fern


Planter 4x8x1 Ft.

Boxwood Topiary 25" Diameter

Premium Fern

Greenline Hedges is a Trusted American Leading Company dedicated to Artificial Greenery Wall, Artificial Boxwood mat, expandable willow trellis, Artificial Plants, Flower and Turf, founded in 2017 and covering USA, Canada and Mexican Market. Contact us for more details.  

Our mission is to supply Turf, Artificial Plants, Hedges and flowers to Home Décor Specialists, Designers, Architects and Contractors Offering Different solutions with sustainable Products. Because of our dedication to High Quality and Competitive Prices our Products enjoy a strong reputation in the Market.

Greenline Hedges, the Top leading Artificial Greenery Wall Supplier, is based in South California, dedicated to provide ecofriend products to beautify open and closed areas to our partners and customers. We are committed to offer the nicest customer service experience and making the satisfaction our top priority. Even more we work hardly to improve styles and specs on our mats to offer a beautiful artificial hedging.

Our Products offer a wide range of sustainable and environmental advantages considering free-maintenance, water consumption and lifespan. Artificial Greenery are affordable options for spaces Lacking light, water and/or drainage with minimum upkeep requirements. Design choices are endless with living, preserved on life-like artificial foliage, adjustable to fit any size, shape, color or even logo.

3 different qualities on Boxwood Mat for all purposes

Easy and quick instalation
Great variety of folliage
High quality products