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Artificial Boxwood Panels,Hedges, Topiary Balls,
Artificial Shrubs, Plants & Artificial Lawn.

Tropical Mix

Purple Fern

Spiral Tree with LED light

European Laurel

Jazmin Boxwood

Boxwood Low End

Planter 4x4x1 Ft.

Boxwood Topiary 16" Diameter

Boxwood Low End

Yellow Mirtle

Boxwood Mid End

Planter 4x6x1 Ft.

Boxwood Topiary 19" Diameter

Green Fern

Expansible Trellis


Planter 4x8x1 Ft.

Boxwood Topiary 25" Diameter

Topiary Tree with LED Light

Premium Fern

Boxwood Topiary 12" Diameter

Wheeled Planters for rent or sale

3 different qualities
for all budgets

Easy and quick instalation
Great variety of folliage
High quality products