Boxwood Mat &
Hedge Panels

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  • Premium Boxwood Hedge panels are 20x20in with 400pins per panel, New raw Mat HDPE, made with UV rated mat to avoid soon fading, 3-years warranty , and a life under the hardest sun of 5 years. average weight is 18lb per panel, 1in thick

prices  JAN2021:

retail $140.00/box with 12pc 20x20in each, to cover total 32sqft x box

+12 boxes $130.00/box

+50 boxes $120.00/box

  • Boxwood Hedge Premium light,for outdoors usage, 20x20in panel, made with same highest quality mat as the Premium however this panel is 5/8in thick and 16 oz Weight , ideal for large fences, 2-View chain-link walls and big projects.

prices  JAN2021:

retail $120.00/box with 12 pc 20x20in each, to cover total 32sqft per bx

+12 boxes $110.00/box

+50 boxes $100.00/box

  • Econoline W03 Boxwood   23x15in panel made with recycled mat ideal for Backdrops and multiporpose use, the low-end boxwood panel is very popular for indoors use.

prices  JAN2021:

retail $5.00/panel 23x15in covers 2.5 sqft

+60 pcs $4.50/pc

+1000 pcs $3.90/pc

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We have a great wide variety of Artificial greenery wall mat on Premium styles, Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators are welcomed to develop your Ideas

Our Premium Artificial Hedge Panels  are sold on 12 pieces box, these panels are 20 x 20in and they cover 32sqft, basically an area of 8x4ft , these panels are made of HDPE with UV stibilizer so Its for indoors and outdoors, extreme climate resistant, sea water and dessert sun ressistant. and very easy to install.